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Three hours of radio discussions about If You [ ]: Fabula, Fantasy, F**kery, Hope

Tuesday 8/30/22

This audio is up in the On air section of the website, where one can listen to hundreds of hours of interviews I've given on a wide range of topics as a guest on many radio programs and podcasts, but I wanted these six radio discussions about my book If You [ ]: Fabula, Fantasy, F**kery, Hope to be in one spot in an entry in this journal, for convenient listening access and easy sharing. There are three hours in total of probing discussions about a unique book of fiction and unique work of literature, and no other author has spoken about a book of theirs like this. One also gains insights into how art functions, how writing works, and there is more to be had here in these three hours than a person would ever get out of however many years of higher education, time in an MFA program, what have you. I wanted these to be around always for people to listen to and study, so here they are.

Thanks to Rich Kimball and Bruce Pratt for facilitating.


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