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Sunday 6/27/21

There's a long entry coming tomorrow. I've been going and working all weekend non-stop and I just can't finish the entry now. So this is a tide-me-over placeholder. For me.

Watched the first episode of Behind the B celebrating the Bruins' Stanley Cup win ten years ago. Was fine. Nothing special. Would have preferred to see locker room footage from the actual games, not just Marchand chugging champagne, though I was happy for Tim Thomas again. I like Tim Thomas a lot, as these pages makes plain. I like people with massive fucking balls. Not a gender thing. We all know--or should--what massive fucking (metaphorical) balls are. Put him in the Hall of Fame.

Fifty years ago ago tonight, the Fillmore East shut its doors for good. This is the last music anyone heard there: the Allman Brothers Band encoring with "You Don't Love Me," with Duane quoting from "Joy to the World" at 16:40. Before that you'll hear Duane solo first, then Dickie Betts, then they trade solos, somewhat like what the Beatles do on the second long medley on Abbey Road, though these solos last longer than three bars, of course.

Listening to Prokofiev Plays Prokofiev right now, which was actually recorded at Abbey Road in 1932.


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