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Tip of the day

Thursday 1/20/22

Be careful with the idea of being proud of yourself. Should you be proud of yourself? Well: depending. And yes and no. Have high standards for yourself, and expectations. Is reaching the standard and meeting the expectation reason for pride? I say no. I am never proud of myself. I never think in those terms. I think the more one thinks in those terms, the less one would have to be proud about. On the depending side of things. So when ought one to be proud? Maybe when something horrible happens, that another could not endure, that very few people could, and you found a way to come through; not only survive, but grow. You faced fear and stood your ground. You did not truckle. You were freighted with pain, and yet you lost no pace. Be proud then, maybe? But also ask yourself: Should I have expected myself not to come through?


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