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Saturday 2/19/22

Understand that when people say that something can't be changed because that's how the world is, or people shouldn't speak out on a subject because they'll lose their jobs and be "canceled," so that's why they themselves remain silent, that there is always a way to achieve what is right. There's always another way to go about things. People say lines like, "You can't fight city hall," because they don't want you to be able to because they think they cannot and it's just easier to say words of this nature. They can be like a sage. A salt who knows this old world of ours. Who "gets it." Has seen some stuff and done some things. Is wise enough to know that there are simply parts of life that must be accepted, no matter that they stem from humans doing wrong to other humans. People of a certain intelligence and educational background--I don't mean academic background; I mean people who have some taste and brains and have read some books and know some good films and albums--often possess this voice. That's dangerous here because they also come off as the most balanced, reasonable people in society, and they are close to it, compared to a lot of other people. But: If you do the right thing, if you do the necessary thing, if you do it with a greater intelligence, and if people believe you are doing it because it must be done, and if you do it out of the love that is born of what is best for people, you can overturn anything that needs it in time. That depends on what you are. Not what the world is or isn't.


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