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Tip of the day

Sunday 2/20/22

Get it right. Take the time, have the care. Whatever you are doing. Whether you are writing the greatest story ever or cutting the lawn. Answering a question from your child. Spell someone's name correctly. Get the title of something correct. Take the time, have the care. Look it up. Make sure. Learn it. Respect corners--don't cut them. Respecting corners doesn't cost you time or energy in the end, and it makes it easier for people to respect you, and for you to respect yourself.

People are so bad at their fake, scam-y businesses--and are so lazy, arrogant, and unprofessional--that they actually send me things like this:

Hi, It can be a daunting process to move a business across town, to a new state, or from a physical location to your home office. However, there are strategies to keep the total interruption to your organization to a minimum. I'd be delighted to contribute to your website on this topic. To help you take your business forward without sacrificing productivity, I'll publish a short and sweet article with some suggestions. If I provided you the piece, do you think you'd post it on your site?

People are terrible at things. What else can you say? They just are. And they take no time nor care. They just shit into the wind and hope it lands where it does something for them. Nice of me not to put this person's name up.

There have been a number of people over the years who have wanted to contribute to this site. Often it's articles--on sports, on music. Which begs the question: how can you fail to understand what this site is? This isn't some community garden of prose.

There is an older gentleman who sends me sports history pieces, and I think he just wants an outlet and may be a little confused on account of the passage of time and perhaps doesn't understand that one person writes all of this. He doesn't know what else to do. I bear someone like that no ill will.

But then you get these people, and it's like, what would possess you to be so sloppy in how you go about your business dealings? Look at the misplaced "you," too. He doesn't even mean that. He means people.

Incompetence. Sloth. Get it right, do a good job, be professional, or don't bother. Tell your children to do the same. Make it a point, like giving a firm handshake, looking up words they don't know, living up to their word, and looking someone in the eye.


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