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Tip of the day

Saturday 2/26/22

Be wary of anyone who calls themselves a life coach, a creativity coach, a writing coach, a productivity coach, or any other such nonsense. They are typically unstable themselves, delusional, shallow, and a scammer. They need more help themselves in their supposed area of expertise than they could ever give and tend to be parasitic con artists who prey upon the most easily duped of people: Those who are desperate to hear certain things at all costs, even if they're being lied to and ripped off. These people are almost always women. Why? Does it matter? But it's what I see, so why lie about it? Up and down Facebook, I see women--who often also call themselves writers--with this kind of racket/scam/grift going on. They cheerlead in their feed for vacuous, lonely, broken people. It is as empty as high school cheerleading. The sadness that must be contained within the inner lives of these beings, on both sides of this "relationship." The screaming sadness. These scammers usually come from money, or have money. They're tired of sitting around the house, their spouse bores them, their kids bore them, life bores them, they bore themselves, and this is a cheap, fake way to pretend to be a difference maker, mostly for social media likes, the least sincere form of expression in the history of humankind, while exploiting dumb people. Or people who are broken. The key to being this kind of scammer is to have no actual knowledge or ability (and no moral compunction/standards), because the scam is predicated upon being like the people one is scamming, but with a greater degree of avarice, at least in that moment. You want to learn about being creative, writing well, becoming productive, living a purposeful life? Come into my world for a couple days, where things are actual and always real. Have conversations with someone who is legit. Be honest with yourself about who you are. Then go from there. Do you know what the number one commodity is in our world? Being enabled. It is what people want more than they want anything. More than love, a meaningful life, happiness.


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