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Unholy amount of morning work and activity

Saturday 2/10/24

Just going to document this here because I would like to make note of it. It's ten past ten on Saturday morning right now.

I put up that first entry in these pages very early this morning. Immediately thereafter, I came up with and composed an entire short story. That was done by 3:30. It's a big-time work. I'll get into it more later.

Then another entry on here re: football.

I listened to two episodes of Nightfall--"Hands Off" and "Where Did You Get My Name?". I had mentioned the Berlioz. Listened to Art Blakey's Ugetsu.

I ran six miles. I did 200 push-ups. I went to Haymarket to get fruits and vegetables.

Watched half a film.

And I just wrote the whole of another Beatles feature.

Again, that's the morning of a Saturday.

Now I'm going to go back out, walk, do some more push-ups, and keep at everything. This is what we mean by Zuluing.


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