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Used panties for sale

Sunday 6/23/24

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post a woman made on social media regarding the amount of degrees she had and which were required for her job, and how a woman selling her used panties makes more money in a month than she does in a year.

I'm obviously the last person to put any stock in degrees--everyone here who is embarrassed in a prose off has an advanced degree--but she wasn't really making the point that these degrees made her smarter than anyone. The point she was making should be obvious. If one can't understand that point without requiring a lesson in what it is, I'm not sure that individual can be reached.

That what she said was true is disturbing. But what was perhaps more so was what you saw with the reaction people had to her statement, and what this says about us and where we're at as a society, culture, people.

Everyone attacked her and put her down and it wasn't just the "I live to fuck" types. It was across a range of different kinds of people who agree on things like this. They insulted the poster and uplifted the person selling her used panties and by association a world in which that's a financially prudent and even lucrative course. Hooray for this world of ours.

Many comments talked about how the panty seller was smarter, more successful, more accomplished in life than the original poster, with better business sense, an inventive entrepreneur who was going places.

The anger directed at the original poster made me think of someone being digitally stoned. These people were all throwing a form of rocks at her in the public square.

We are a mentally ill race. I'm not saying one is mentally ill to sell one's panties in the mail to people who are all but guaranteed to be troubled and ill themselves, but it requires mental illness, brokenness, anger, a total losing of the way to not be able to see that this isn't to be celebrated as something intelligent, admirable, and to be proud of. There's a difference between needing to make rent and finding a way and something awesome in and of itself. This isn't indicative of a virtue in the latter regard.

If it was, mom and dad could be proud, right? Or one's best friend. One's child. One's self.

When asked by the neighbor how his daughter was doing, there is no father out there who would beam with pride by saying, "She's going great. She gets her panties good and juicy and then they dry so that the stains show nice and thick and true, and sells them via the mail to a host of broken, lonely, fucked up horny guys every day. She's making some real coin. Always two steps ahead of everyone else, that girl. Her mom and me couldn't be prouder."

But here's the thing: People commenting had this need to elevate the panty selling and attack the woman with the degrees. It became "You're not better than her" and the like as well. And she never said she was.

But it's as if there's this emergency task force that has to come out in these matters and maintain--bulwark--the most fucked up positions lest they're threatened by intelligence, logic, and sanity, so that society can be as fucked up as possible. As backwards as possible. Where everything is inverted and reversed. Insane is sane, wrong is right, bad is good.

There's this dogged, stubborn, frankly insane need to maintain the twisted and absurd. Almost like it's becoming this instinctual drive. We are humans. We don't have instincts because we have free will. But as we become less human--something the people of this world do every day--free will recedes. We're becoming these preprogrammed robots.

I know that people are going to support the fucked up thing just about every time. What would have shocked me here is if anyone had expressed any sympathy towards the original poster. I knew she was going to be attacked. That people would resent her. The only people who were possibly not going to would have been those who also went through a lot of schooling, gotten the degrees deemed necessary to work in their field, and who were also struggling to make ends meet. Anyone else--regardless of their amount of school--was going to try and rip at her flesh, digitally speaking.

And I don't believe anyone honestly thinks someone's great and brilliant and a whiz at business and an example to be held up for others because their job is selling their used panties. I just don't. Someone finding a way to survive is different and it wasn't the focus of the "discussion" here. Profit and being deservedly rewarded were.

Someone can do a "you go girl, you're so sexually liberated" thing, but people like that often end up dead long before they should be dead, for down that corridor addiction tends to be found. The biggest issue is the ready embrace of the backwardness. Making sure things are backwards and then having a one-track mind with all of the anger, defiance, denial, and stupidity required to making sure things stay that way.

The original poster, of course, was harangued for not being a willing piece of meat. "You could sell your panties," went many comments. She was mocked for doing what she did for work, which she didn't even specify. People wanted her to bleed and hurt. I daresay if there was a button they could have pushed for her to starve they would have pushed it. Hell, a button for her to die later that die. It was hate. Because she said this thing which is the most basic, obvious, unoffensive thing to say. Or it should be. But not here with how sick the world is. Militantly sick and insistently backwards.


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