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Vanity Fair texts

Thursday 7/14/22

C: See this? It's from Vanity Fair. Just a random spot where my eyes fell.

C: See the double "to her"? That's bad writing. It's bad editing, too. It tells me that neither the writer nor the editor is competent.

C: Then there's a third "her," also at the end of a clause or sentence, with the same concluding type of beat. This is fifth grade stuff. I could do this all day with all of the writing I see.

C: Why is this person writing for Vanity Fair? Is this good writing? Is it special? Insightful? Memorable? Should these not be prerequisites for writing for Vanity Fair? Or is it ordinary and flawed even at the most basic level? Does this writer provide a service or display a skill that a non-writer wouldn't? A plumber has a skill and provides a service. A writer should be no different in that regard. Not everyone can do what the plumber does, and the same should be true with a writer, whereas, anyone could write what we see here. This person, then, is writing for Vanity Fair for reasons that have nothing to do with writing ability, as they have no writing ability. So what is it? Skin color? Gender? Cronyism? Nepotism? It's not because of any writerly talents.

J: There's zero skill.


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