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Water, done, offbeat slasher, Drake/Peel

Friday 1/28/22

* Hot water is back on. Something is off, though. Comes out as hot as it should--that is, hotter than you can keep your hand under it--from the kitchen and bathroom taps, but shower is not that hot, even when turned up to the absolute max. There was carbon on some censor, that the good plumber cleaned away. He said it could last two months or two years or who knows. What I have to do is get in an electrician--the plumber gave me a name--to wire something so that the plumber can come back in and install a water heater. Or whatever the proper name was. I wrote it down. I have about as much respect for this plumber as I do anyone. He's so good at his job, and he's a really good man. I admire him a lot. He's young, no-nonsense, and you can just tell he has values. The way he talks to you, and other people. He was able, too, to relay what my experience probably was like with the other place I did call, when it looked like he couldn't come. He got it close to word for word. (I had texted him, after talking to that place, that if possible I'd just wait, I didn't trust who I spoke to, and this guy was the best, and I was much more comfortable with him.) Just a man I respect a lot. Smart.

* Getting a lot done. I'll read them back, one last time, just to make sure, but completed three short stories ("Bed Curls," "What to Whom," "Part of the Service"), which I've mentioned here, and that personal essay, which ended up being 3500 words. I will be able to get a lot more done tomorrow (or technically today). The Beatles piece, a books piece, and additional fiction. Things pertaining to the jazz book. Need to chase down some payments and review copies, too.

* Watched the 1980 film, Evil Christmas. Much is made about the final scene, and how unpredictable it is, but you can see it coming. Interesting film. John Waters' favorite Christmas movie, which makes sense. Aside from that final scene, a lot of what you do see is unexpected. The final bit would have been more so, admittedly, if everything one reads about this film didn't mention how unbelievable it was. I had pitched something on this film in 2020, but didn't get to do it, and I figured I'd re-watch it between some other things.

* Listened to Nick Drake's Peel session, his one and only live recording. Grateful that he made it. Something to be cherished. And also grateful I wrote about it. That piece will go into the book of rock and roll criticism. The Ascension Coltrane piece starts the book of jazz writings.


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