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Welcoming crab

Wednesday 3/27/24

There's a welcoming rock crab--or there should be--on the home page of the site now with what is called a light box where one can sign up for updates, which to date has simply meant notifications that there is a new entry in this journal.

Admittedly, this is superfluous, because there is always something new in these pages and often throughout a given day, so checking back in is the more practical way to go than relying on emails which are not reliable anyway, because they stop going out if a person has gone three in a row without opening one and visiting or the monthly allotment has been used up, something that I think takes me about four days. But the crab looks cool.

The Bruins beat a tough Florida Panthers team last night to take over the first seed in the East for now--the Panthers have a game in hand--so that was good. Jeremey Swayman had an .857 save percentage, which was less so.

No early morning headaches the last several days.

Listened to Otis Redding's Otis Blue, the Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, the Grateful Dead's Workingman's Dead, the Vaccines' Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations and Combat Sports, Paul Lewis's recording of Pictures at an Exhibition, and the Suspense episode, "Salvage."

Talked to an attractive lawyer, but as with most people, she could not think of a single thing to say, let alone anything intelligent, so I stopped talking to her. I am not interested in knowing someone solely or primarily because of their physical appearance, regardless of how good looking they may be.


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