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Why I run stairs

Monday 9/18/23

This morning someone asked me why I run thousands of stairs every day. It has been my experience that it is strange to most people that someone would do that. One would think that before anyone knew me, stair running would first be recognized as exercise, but I have found that this isn't so.

After all, person should exercise, no? Some people run a few miles, some people bike. Others go to the gym and get on a treadmill. The question of, "Do you not exercise?" suggests itself in my mind when I'm asked this question by baffled people. If someone knew that I did those other activities, they would not ask me why I do them. It's only stairs that produces the query and the bafflement, which has also been my experience.

If you ask me a question, and I answer you, I will actually answer you. By which I mean, I'll tell you the answer. I may not explain everything, but I will be honest. I won't give you something pat or perfunctory. I will tell you the truth. This was my answer this morning, and I put it here in this stand-alone entry because I think it should stand alone.

Hello! There are many reasons! For my health. My stress. On account of a situation I'm in. Because of some bad people. To countervail previous health issues. For my existential essence. For fitness. Appearance. Work. A Zulu spirit. The poetry and wisdom inherent in the endeavor, once one understands stairs and what they really mean.

This is from today in the rain. When it is raining or has rained I have to run up the left side of the stairs because there's a large puddle between the third and fourth sets on the right.


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