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Wind, weather, sea, animals preferred

Sunday 4/30/23

Alcohol makes stupid people stupider and angry people angrier. So consider its effect on people who are stupid and angry.

Awoken and driven out of bed--I'm up for a while now if not for good--by drunken people in the street.

But don't worry: alcohol doesn't stop people from saying the word "literally" at least once every sentence.

Something else that ups my desire and need to get back to Rockport. The only things I want to hear outside in the middle of the night are the wind, the weather, the sea, and animals.

In some ways, what I want is simple, though it's also limitless. I want what my deserves in every way in which it deserves it. I want places to live in nature by the sea. I want a very small group of people I trust and like. I want one person above all who is dynamic and special. And I want peace.

I am working on significant projects pertaining to Orson Welles and Nick Drake.

Began an op-ed that is about this journal and also endurance--the two kinds--for June.

Started a piece on what some may consider the Beatles' worst song, though I don't think that at all.

Been doing head work on a Christmas short story. Got the idea a couple days ago.

Later today Chris Sale pitches for the Red Sox and the Bruins play their opening round Game 7. I feel like both of these things will cause irritation and disappointment to different but real degrees, at least so far as sports goes, which for me, at present, isn't much, everything else considered. But I would still rather the Bruins win. These games at least allow me to say, "Work really hard today, do this parcel of incredibly unpleasant things that you don't want to do, and you may watch some of the game tonight or at least have it on while you work."

An entertaining Red Sox game yesterday, even if they did blow a big lead late in the game and a Cleveland team that was never in the contest all afternoon tied it and forced extras. Kevin Youkilis did a good job on what I heard of the broadcast. He has insight and also comes across as a fan and less like a jock ex-player, but not an idiot fan as almost all fans are. He seems comfortable with himself and doesn't strike poses. Also comes across like a nice person.

It's going to rain all day, I believe. I really must work out all the same. My fitness must be tended to so I can not only be strong but get stronger. Yesterday I walked three miles, did 300 push-ups, and ran 5000 stairs.

I compute that in thirteen years I will reach the mid-point of my writing career.

The Solution to the World's Problems: Surprising Tales of Relentless Joy may end up as quite a long book, word count-wise. Thirty or more stories is likely. I say that as if I don't know, but I do. I think the proof of the advertising of the title is in those stories--in other words, I believe they represent what the title says they do--so have as many as of those stories as you wish, is my working premise, and it's joy, after all, and there can't be too much of it. It's a big job, so go as big as you like, I tell myself.

Listened to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Howl and Kurt Masur's 1994 recording of Charles Ives's Three Places in New England with the New York Philharmonic. Ives completed it in 1914 but then revised it in 1929. I said was doing my eight books over and that in time I would explain my plan. The Brothers Grimm published "Snow White" in 1812 and revised it in 1854. I think about this kind of thing often lately.


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