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Work, miles, birthday buddy

Tuesday 1/23/24

Waited too long to see about getting tickets for one of the BC-BU men's hockey games this weekend. Tickets were quite pricey. First ever time that these two schools, for all of their history, have ever faced off as the top two ranked teams in the country. Both games are on NESN, at least.

Walked twelve miles. Did 200 push-ups. Listened to Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations a couple times, the Planet of the Youth E.P., Up the Bracket, Room on Fire. Came up with another Beatles idea. And have a new idea for another music book I've been kicking around inside my head. It's something I want to do. Have someone in mind to approach. Downloaded Bear Family's giant Fats Domino box, I've Been Around: The Complete Imperial and ABC-Paramount Recordings.

Have seen New York Rangers fans in a tizzy because their team has had a January hiccup. I think that squad is a postseason threat. I can envision them doing well this spring. They have a good mix and a number of veteran players with a lot of talent. They have the goalie, the defenseman, skilled forwards who can play playoff hockey. A downturn in January--so long as things pick back up--doesn't mean a lot. I have a friend who is a Rangers fan and a Maine fan. The Black Bears are good this year, too. Hockey East is strong. The league is better when Maine is good and their home-ice advantage becomes that much more of one. Tough barn to play in.

I am going to have to deactivate Twitter soon. I just can't take it anymore. I don't even want to have the option of looking at it.

It's funny when you see someone with their own website and it's just them and they give themselves a title like "managing editor" or "senior editor." Do you then throw on some camouflage and get your toy gun and head into the backyard to play soldier?

FaceTimed with my now four-year-old niece and wished her a happy birthday. I got her a pink shirt--she's really into pink right now--that says, "I (heart) my buddy."


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