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Yeehaw and amen

Wednesday 8/10/22

* Felt very strong on the stairs today. I ran no stairs and didn't do any push-ups yesterday. On Monday I did 100 push-ups and 1000 stairs, because I got out there very late. On both Saturday and Sunday I ran 3000 stairs and did 100 push-ups. Did the 3000 without stopping on Saturday in 100 degree weather. Hard. You're running the stairs for thirty minutes. I had been a bit concerned about my conditioning, because it was a struggle a lot of those heat advisory days, but it must have just been the heat. Today it was only seventy degrees, and the stairs were an easy dream. I did a set of thirty push-ups in the hall, then went downstairs and did ten more. On the way to the stairs I dropped for another twenty on that grassy patch behind the disused tollbooth from the 1950s, so within six minutes or so I was up to sixty. A man from Texas did one of those finger gun things at me on the stairs, and when he pulled the trigger with his thumb, he said, "You're doing good!" Then this woman said, "God bless you, sir." Yeehaw and amen!

* Coming back I saw this cute little girl at Faneuil Hall chasing a pigeon. It flew away, and her dad asked, "Where'd it go?" The kid pointed and said, "Up!"

* Phoned my mom, who has my niece today--my two-year-old niece. They went to the Botanical Gardens, which my niece really likes. My mom was asking her if she wanted to have a nap, so I intervened--on speaker phone--and said, "No! We want to go to the park! And to ride the swings!" My niece, of course, heard this, and starts clamoring for the park and swings. A small mission, maybe, but mission accomplished! And it's good for my mom to get in some more walking. And drink more water. The other day she told me she doesn't like water. Who doesn't like water? I can see not being a water super fan, I guess, but to actively dislike it? Well, that doesn't matter--you need to drink a lot of it.

* I finished rereading Billie Holiday's autobiography, and also listened to A Musical Romance, which is an LP of her collaborations with Lester Young. What a record. I'm ready to write the outline for the Billie Holiday book. Have everything figured out. Then hopefully this publisher gives the go-ahead and I'll write another book.

* I printed out a copy of "My Nickel" for the girl in the building I used to mentor, and left it outside their door, because I think she'd like it.


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