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Friday 2/11/22

I've worked so hard this week. Written so much. Achieved so much. I've had 300 careers for other people this week. Dealt with, as always, so much discrimination, incompetence, and cowardice. The number of bullets I bite with some people, too, simply because they're not bigots, and things are what they are right now, so I smile and maintain. But my goodness, they have no clue what they are doing. Pushed myself as hard as one can push, and physically as well. I will recount all of it later, as I move forward. Right now, I need a few hours before I start again in the morning. But that's just about as hard as I can go, which is to say, harder than anyone has ever gone. Good work, man. Later, you will be able to look back on weeks like this and know that they got you to where you got, and helped you bring to the world what you brought to it. Drink some water. Be ready to go again. Sound the mantra: total focus, matchless art, no mercy when we get there.


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