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Tuesday 5/16/23

Decent pace today, but I need to do much better. More than much better.

Worked on five different things: op-ed, two music pieces, literature piece, story.

Here is tonight's radio interview, a half hour about Buster Keaton's Steamboat Bill, Jr.

"Only" ran 3000 stairs, but it was the big stairs at Government Center and I ran them with decent speed and little let-up. Walked three miles as well, and of course did 100 push-ups.

There's more. Behind-the-scenes types of things. And planning. I need to be done with stuff to get to stuff. I do a lot at once--that's often how I work; there are always many things going--but in order to move to certain big projects I want to finish other big projects. They don't have to be totally done, and I can create in the gaps of transition, but I need to do a better job with that.

I see the Red Sox have dropped a spate of games and are back in last place, having been swept by a struggling Cardinals team. Or a then-struggling Cardinals team; I thought I saw that they pasted someone 18-1 or something last night. Was that eight-game winning streak going to be more or less the high point of the Red Sox' season?

The 2500 days was on Monday, not Sunday, I realized after. The days run together a bit and I'm not a milestone person. I'm a "this has not even really started yet person" and a what's next person. I will be that same way once I'm past these people, too, but with other things.

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