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Wednesday 8/26/20

I had problems with Word yesterday and I lost the first page of a story and it was really good. I have to rewrite it. I went out for a five mile walk earlier because I've been sitting at this desk for twelve, fifteen hour stretches of late. To convey how tired and beaten down I am would be a challenge. The plan was to walk to BC and run steps but I was just so damn bone weary and broken down. I don't feel like putting up anything unpleasant right now--which is all that talk about publishing can be right at this juncture--so here is some benign nothingness, really, just some photos. Diversion.

This is my mom, my sister, and my niece and nephew and me at the Aquarium three years ago. Facebook pulled it up. One knows how that works.

This is the Public Garden lagoon which has been drained and dredged. Or plowed I guess is the more accurate term. With the Swan Boats having been removed, the algae kept building up. Normally the Swan Boats would prevent those blooms from growing because they were always passing through. A couple dozen ducks got botulism and died. Which is pretty sad. Each time I walked through I thought what a mess the water was. There are many healthy ducks still in the Garden--dozens, I'd say--and it looks like a tidal flat right now, which is appropriate, maybe, as what is now the Public Garden was once under sea water.

Kimball commented on this photo yesterday on the radio. It's from the weekend, after running the BC stairs ten times. Sweat gets in the eyes. I don't think I'm a headband guy.

My buddy Howard sent me this Led Zeppelin bootleg. It's eight discs, documenting three gigs they had in California in June 1972. Parts of two of those shows became the How the West Was Won album. But these are the full concerts, from audience recordings. The real, pure stuff.

I passed by what had been Durgin Park the other day early in the morning. The bar was the real life inspiration--well, part of it--for Musings with Franklin. After a couple hundred years of being in business, it closed last year or the year before. The space is still untenanted.


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