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A bookkeeping note about searching the blog

Friday 7/3/20

People, understandably, wish to search for certain terms on this blog, and some people, just as understandably, wish to search to see if they are on the blog, if someone has not already made them aware of this, which I am seeing is generally the case. It's kind of funny how that's playing out, actually. What did you think I was going to do? Just take it from you indefinitely? Let you get away with it forever? That was not going to happen. The hosting site is having some bug issues regarding searching at the moment. To hasten the fix, I just got off the phone with them, and people further up the tech line will be reaching back out, and hopefully that will get sorted as soon as possible. I have noticed that people read this journal for all kinds of reasons, and both the good people, and the people called out on here, should soon have a reliable means of getting to where they wish to go with alacrity. I'll post something when this is fixed.


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