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A friendly reminder about notifications for this journal (blog)

Thursday 12/15/22

This is going to be a boring quick post, but a friendly reminder: If you subscribe to newsletters from the site (though there hasn't been one yet) and updates to this blog, you get unsubscribed if you receive three straight email notifications and don't open at least one of them (and, I think, click the link inside the email to come here, but I'm not sure about this last part). That's the magic number: three.

It's a bad set-up. Nonsensical and counterintuitive. I have no control over this. It's how the site host works and I didn't know at first until it started happening.

I don't get the updates myself because I never clicked on them when they arrived in my inbox. So in other words, you get unsubscribed without your approval and without being told. You can resubscribe and it starts all over again.

Six or seven entries may go up on here in a day, and if you're out at the dentist for a few hours, you may get unsubscribed and email notifications stop coming.

What people will often then do is assume there's no new content. That's how internet society has trained us to be. Plus, common sense dictates that if you hadn't done anything differently no site would unsubscribe you on its own.

That sounds like a terrible plan for any site that wants viewers.

But that's what happens.

Clearly the host site--and I'm sure there are others--are not designed for my level of production, because who has a blog that posts content multiple times a day? But this isn't really blog, is it? It gets called that, because it's easier, but this is its own thing.

This journal launched in June 2018. There are over 1900 entries now. My thinking or hope was that people would realize the singular undertaking this is, and that it would just be best to return regularly--let the address autofill in the browser--rather than waiting on prompts or emails, because it's a safe bet if one has been away for a couple days, there's going to be a lot of new stuff. Sometimes there isn't. There can be a gap of a week. But usually there is new material.

I do know that people often count on a reminder, though, and this post is just me saying that they stop coming if you aren't fairly fast on the draw with those emails.

For this issue I apologize. It's annoying and sort of stealthy and a site really has no right to make a choice for anyone without their approval. Please don't be deterred by this annoyance, and I'm sorry to bring it up with this bit of dry bookkeeping.

This issue will be rectified/improved in time with an upgrade to something better, as will everything else, but right now, this situation is what this situation is, so that's not really on the table, and I'm trying to hang on and keep going.

Thanks for your time, best of the season to you and yours, and back to our normal programming.

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