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A letter from Fleming to some people

Monday 11/21/22

A friend asked me yesterday to send them There Is No Doubt: Story Girls, so they could print it out. I was almost certain I'd sent it to him, but who knows, sometimes. There are a lot of works in the air, so to speak. I guess I may not have.

Due diligence means it's attached here. I have never written anything better than this book. As I'm sure I've alluded to on the blog, that the same person who wrote Meatheads wrote this very female--female driven, feminist driven--other work of fiction is mind blowing. I am not sure how one even wraps the brain around that. It's essential that I get this out as soon as possible.

Finished a 3000 word Beatles piece this AM. Or will have done after I go over it, after I run stairs. The Monument was closed over the weekend. No idea why. I hope that was a blip and not a harbinger of a dilatory shutdown. Should be a feature on Sun Ra out in JazzTimes today.

I don't want to be overly effusive. I do what I do, and I expect everything to be at the same level. And that is what happens. But I have a different feeling about this book. It's like both loving something--someone--and being in love. They're not the same thing. They don't always exist simultaneously. Both are accurate descriptions about how I feel about this book.

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