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A peek behind the curtain

Saturday 5/27/23

This is just a peek behind the curtain. Just one thing from a day. One will see an email from me to a group of people (1), then a response from one of those people who's a writer (2), then more words from me (3), then a response from someone else (4). I left out the stuff with the venue, of course, which was the subject of the discussion, which I'll put up later and fill in the background when I feel the time is right.

1. Want you to look at this. These two clowns. You may remember (blank)--as hack-y an editor/writer as there is--from late last year with some Beatles stuff. I'm not rehashing it. They pay $50. That's what happens: you deal with people like these two when you have thousands of bigots united to keep your work from being seen and you'll take the $50 to buy food. Why don't you check out the attached piece I wrote on this stunning Rolling Stones live recording from 1967 that could well be their best live album. Pretty amazing, right? And look what this fool pulled below.

2. There are no words. Too esoteric? Does anybody want to learn anything or learn from an expert’s insights? It’s so disheartening.

3. A lot of times it's bigotry, hate, envy with which I'm dealing. With these two, it's just two very dumb guys. Guys with pretty much no standards, no ambition, no desire to have a better product. A generic, mindless site, with a generic name, basically no pay--the guy who owns the site is well-to-do and he's exploitative and has no intention of paying what he can pay. As a reading experience, save when they run something of mine, the site is worthless. I've stuck on the Big Three piece, too, which will further enrage and dishearten you, because it's so good, and it's obvious that people would love reading it, if it was in a place where they knew to read it, or from an author who had the unprecedented acclaim he should have, and would thus read and love it then. That's the situation. These two idiots are pretty much the best people I deal with, or try to. And by "do well," what he means are the clicks. All of these places kill off readers and reading. But they're too stupid to realize what they're doing. They're why AI is going to replace every last one of them.

4. AI will destroy them. What you do? AI never will be able to compete.


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