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Again and again

Thursday 2/29/24

Over the next few days, as I work and tend to this ongoing government nightmare--I don't know what to do about the state at this point, while the federal stuff is ongoing, because matters with the state have a clock on them--I'm going to do a book inventory. How many books do I have completed and available? How many will I have done soon? How many are underway? What books do I know I'll be writing? What is the total? It's going to be around 100. But I want it all down in my notebook: Books with individual stories, Beatles books, music books, film books, sports books, novels, essay collections, memoirs, literature books, books on writing, art books, jazz books, children's books, YA books, radio books, opinion/commentary books, TV books, and so forth. Ideally I would move ten books tomorrow--entirely different books, different types, different subjects, to different publishers so they can just come out as fast as possible. I need to get books out of here. Because there are just more books in waiting and then books in waiting after than and so forth.

In this war, my skills with technology are oddly formidable. I'll leave it at that. I have ways of knowing things. In life, though, my technological skills are non-existent. I write, run stairs, and try to get out of this hell. That's what I do. There is nothing else. If I go to something, it's part of those things. So I don't spend time with technology and I don't have the means at present. For instance, when I get my house back, I will have no clue how you hook up a computer to a stereo or how you watch Amazon Prime on a TV. No idea. I don't know how people listen to music in cars. What are they using?

I'm serious. I have no idea right now. I'll have to learn those things and have help. I'll need to pay someone to set it up and show me. One of the new things I can do, though, is make a sound or movie file from a streaming source--that is, a source without a download option. And I don't require a converter I downloaded to do this, nor do I have to paste that link into some site that does a conversion for me. I don't even need to leave the page. A couple days I ago I created an mp3 file of a radio interview I did from a stream. This works with almost everything. Or everything I've tried to date, save the Orson Welles audio files at Indiana University. Their Orson Welles site has his radio broadcasts in best-ever sound so I was trying to get them--I particularly want the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol. Not that the version I have sounds awful. It's perfectly fine. But it's near and dear to me and I want the best available.

When I do learn things, I learn them very quickly, though, as a general rule.

This cover for The Ghost Grew Legs: Stories of the Dead for the More or Less Living is so cool. Who knows when people will see it. Right now, it's just this image in my mind. But I know how good it is and what the finished product will look like.

Listened to a Kooks live album from 2018. It was okay. Hit or miss. I wouldn't call it a particularly serious effort.

Always be keeping going--but also be starting over regularly. Start over in order to finish. Start over in order to go faster. Start over to know where you stand. Starting over is also carrying on and going forth--but better.


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