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* Mailed a birthday card to my niece. She's turning six!

* Finally got off my ass and ran stairs--3000 of them. I have only ran stairs three out of the last eight days. Not good.

* As a general rule, people who use the word "agitprop" typically use it incorrectly. The proper use of such a word does not matter, though. It's like a magic trick that makes the audience go "wow!" and then they are impressed and will follow if you are that kind of pseudo-intellectual person that one sees on Twitter. A dumb person's idea of a learned person. "Agitprop" featured in a lot of music criticism in the 1970s in Creem, and in pieces pertaining to the Clash. And Lester Bangs pieces.

* As stated before, run differential tells you a lot about a baseball team. So far this year, the Dodgers are +48, the Giants +39, the Mets +35. The Red Sox are -10. Regarding those first three teams, those are pretty big numbers for this early in a season.

* I'm curious to see if the Lightning can be the first NHL team to win three championships in a row since the early 1980s Islanders.

* Cale Makar deserves the Norris. Or Josi. Makar is a delight as a hockey player. He's one of those hockey players whom if I had a kid who played hockey, I'd tell him or her to watch Makar and pay attention to what he's doing. If Josi wins it, he probably goes to the Hall of Fame, right? You win more than one Norris, and you're right there. Tough to keep you out. Same goes with Vezinas, though Tim Thomas has the two. Almost everyone who has one Norris is in.

* Foods I end up eating a lot of: cucumbers, mushrooms, peppers, trail mix. Liquids I drink a lot of: peppermint tea, hibiscus tea, black coffee, cranberry juice, water, no fat milk. I will also have black tea, dandelion tea, chocolate tea, chamomile tea, lemon water, and hot chocolate. I acquired some beet juice the other day, with kale and lemon, but that is a rarity. There is virtually nothing else I drink save those things. Sometimes a strawberry drink from the Starbucks. I forget the name. And lattes there as well. Always the skim milk on the lattes and hot chocolate. No whip cream. Obviously no alcohol, no soda.

* The only cheese I buy--I'll get a pound and make sandwiches with it--is Swiss, because it's the only cheese low in sodium. All of the others are through the roof. Swiss is a cheese anomaly that way.

*Granted, it had ceased to be a good show by that point, but Niles ate a lot of cheese on Frasier, and that's why he had to have that heart surgery. Yes, I know it's a TV program. But I have thought about that. Niles was all, "I'll check my schedule," and the doctor was like, "No, Niles, we have to do this now." I find that chilling. The C-Dawg fears the rib spreaders. That would not be for me. That would not be a good day. My life is hard enough right now.

* I am probably as far as you can get from being a foodie. I like in Westerns when a guy on the range takes a sandwich and an apple out of his saddle bag and makes a fire so he can have coffee. I find that romantic. It's as romantic as food gets for me. Or picturing when I finally get back to Rockport and have come to the end of a path that culminates in the sea and drinking my own black coffee there and having an apple after having done a good bit of writing.


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