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Arm wrestling

Monday 1/20/20

J: I am going to destroy you in arm wrestling like you are a nineteen-year-old girl the next time I see you.

C: Can't say "girl."

J: What?

C: Sexist. Also, sounds like you are plotting an assault. That's not me talking. That's 2020.

J: Sick.

C: Mmmm.

J: But you get what I'm saying, right?

C: Mmmhhm. That's fine.

J: Why?

C: I focus on the heart.

J: Yeah, I saw that on the blog.

C: Your arms won't help you stave off a bypass. Frankly, a blade of grass can overpower a dead man's arms.

J: What the fuck.

C: Don't go there unless you want the gift bag.


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