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Friday 11/4/23

Heard Craig Breslow's press conference yesterday in which he was introduced as whatever his title is as the guy who now runs the Red Sox.

My prevailing thought: This isn't going to work. He's a robot man. I think robot men make it that much harder to win. Further, he was annoying to the point of creepy, using terms like, "thought partner." Why is it so important that everyone need be a jackass now? He came across as Chaim Bloom doing a "Look, I'm a real boy" Pinocchio-type routine with bullpen experience. You had the guy in Dombrowski.

I'm happy for Nathan Eovaldi. Sean MacAdam is such a hack that he tweeted that the Red Sox let him go, which is a lie. The media just makes shit up. Trust a dust bunny before you trust anyone in the media. His ERA took a bit of a hit with a shaky start, but Eovaldi was 5-0 this postseason. As I said, best big-game pitcher of the last five years.

Been listening to a lot of the radio program Suspense. My goodness there are a lot of episodes. This show was all over the place. Most episodes are ridiculous. Some nail it. I do have to say, though, that despite Orson Welles's opinion that it's the best radio script of all-time, I find Lucille Fletcher's "Sorry, Wrong Number" an irritating piece of claptrap.

I see the Bruins setting themselves up to have what happened to them last spring happen to them this coming spring. Did they learn nothing? You need to have a goalie who plays the majority of the games. Have you ever noticed that people talk about professional athletes like they're pets or babies? The goalie hug that these two middlers in terms of competitive fire do is "cute." I actually see men call it that on Twitter. Like the players are fucking gerbils, or, worse, cats.

So what is going to happen here? The playoffs are going to start, say, on a Tuesday, and the Bruins are going to win 2-1, then for Game 2 on Wednesday, they swap out the goalie who stopped 37 of 38 shots? That is insane. But what else are you going to do? Play him again on back to back nights when he didn't do that throughout the year? When he rarely even played back to back games?

God is this dumb. They're just setting up the whole collapse thing again. How can you learn nothing from that disaster last year?

Jake DeBrusk bothers me. He's soft and unfocused. Finally scored his first goal of the season last night.

A lot of important things happen inside of cars in 1947's Out of the Past.

People will do anything for attention but they're unwilling to ever do a single thing in regards to substance.

A rookie basketball player will have a nice fourth game to his career with numbers he'll equal or surpass many times going forward, but right away everyone in media on social media, will start talking about how he's had a career game or that he's hit career highs in the most gushy language. There is no perspective in modern day America because virtually no one has any awareness of context.

When I hear a Mac Jones press conference, I end up wondering if he's really that dumb. Is he scared? Is he nervous? He can barely talk. As in, he doesn't seem smart enough to be able to use words. He appears to only know the same ten or so. He sounds like he's Lenny from Of Mice and Men with a higher voice. Lenny crossed with Peter "It's time to change" Brady. And this is meant to be your field general? Your leader? I would have needed to interview this guy for ten seconds before I was like, "God no," and if I had seen his lack of arm strength as well?

Someone said to me--picking up on what I've written here--that he'll be out of the league in a couple years. I doubt that. You can be bad and have a long career. The key is not to get on the field. Look at Brian Hoyer. But, Hoyer has a different demeanor. He's okay with a career of riding in the backseat. Or that compartment beyond the backseat in station wagons that kids used to ride in back in like 1982. He doesn't think he's special. Jones thinks he is, or should be. But you can stick around if you want, if you're docile and cool with sitting in the back.

I wrote when the Patriots played the Raiders that everything about him tells me that Josh McDaniels is not head coaching material and he'd be fired soon, and now that has come to pass. You need to have a certain make up, and he obviously doesn't have it. Look how awkward he was trying to rally the team or in the postgame speeches. I know people will say this doesn't matter, but I don't think it helps that he's so dumpy looking at a young age. As a head coach, he does not inspire confidence. Look the part, be the part, command the part.

I found two alternate takes of Judy Garland singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

Speaking of 1982: Listened to this episode of the show Nightfall called "The Porch Light" from that year. Nightfall was a Canadian (mostly) horror radio program that ran for a few years in the early 1980s. They'd get calls from people saying the episodes were too scary. This one is pretty frightening.


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