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Awesome birthday cards from Lilah, Charlie, and Amelia!

Monday 9/18/23

My nieces and nephew sent me cards for my birthday and I was so excited to get them! Their parents were away for the weekend and Grammie stayed at their house. We FaceTimed when I was running the stairs on Saturday and Sunday.

Charlie had a doubleheader Saturday. He is playing many positions from catcher to shortstop to first base to outfield--versatile!--and had a couple of hits. He told me he usually hits the ball to left or center and has switched to a 30 inch bat. The boy is also in a fantasy football league at nine, which is what nine-year-olds do now.

Lilah is a big reader like me and I'm regularly told how natural it comes to her. She's also doing super with her gymnastics. She had been working hard to be able to do a split and then finally was able to do one! Well, not "finally" in it took so long, but finally in that she kept trying and that effort paid off. Bookish and athletic!

Then there is Amelia, my big girl buddy at three. She was very vocal about celebrating my birthday and wanted to call me at night the day before. When I FaceTime with them, Amelia takes the phone from anyone who has it, and if her siblings try to get it from her, she throws hands. She also likes to put her face right up against the screen. On Saturday I asked her how school was going and she said, "I not at school now," which was true.

Look at their beautiful cards! Charlie with his wise words about how much being present matters, with the tacit implication that we must also always be moving forward. Lilah with her standout art work! Look at those popping colors! Is that Lilah my niece or Willem de Kooning? And Amelia, who opted for a collage/sticker approach, instigated on the outside of the envelope which foreshadows the imagistic explosion within!


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