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Baseball associations and loves

Saturday 1/20/24

Same idea as the entry pertaining to football, only with baseball this time.

A batting glove under one's fielding glove. This always struck me as an indictment on the latter--that it didn't do its job well enough, and required this reinforcement that the thin layer of the batting glove provided.

The rarity of a fifty home run season and how it had seemed somewhat strange that for so long it was only George Foster who'd been able to have one (no disrespect to George Foster).

Old school, basic black catcher's mask, batting helmet, sans earflaps, on backwards underneath as modeled by Bob Boone.

The fluorescent orange coloring of Lance Parrish's catcher's mitt.

Carlton Fisk standing and adjusting his chest protector.

Hot stove talk.

One-game playoffs.

Debating with your friends who the MVPs ought to be.

Home runs being defined as balls that clear the house.

Suicide squeezes.

A Nellie Fox model bat.

Tales of Jimmie Foxx's strength.

Dave Kingman moonshots.

Shortstops with humble offensive statistics who nonetheless helped a team win time and again.

Complete games. And, at least as much, if not more, for it was as if they contained an extra quantity of valor: complete game losses.

Multiple inning saves.

Bunting--both the batting technique and that which decorated ballparks come October and the postseason.

Beckett price guides.

The 1977 season.

The 1987 season.

The Go-Go White Sox.

The mystique of the 1986 Donruss "Rated Rookie" Jose Canseco card that would someday make you rich.

Donuts in the on-deck circle.

Card shows.

A first baseman scooping throws out of the dirt, and the even greater challenge of the vaunted backhand scoop.

Ballparks with odd dimensions and features.

Box scores. Seeing that your guy went 1 for 5, but the 1 was a three-run homer that you figure had to have gone 450 feet.

Charlie Brown's faith that his next time atop the mound might go differently.

Parades at the start of the Little League season on a day where it always seemed to rain and yet remained undimmed.

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