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Monday 6/26/23

The Count Five are one of my all-time favorite bands. People think a garage band can only be so good. I could write one hell of a book about the garage rock music of 1966. That's the year. No other genre can be pinpointed to a single year the way that garage rock can be. The Count Five had a solitary album, but there's also a disc of rarities, which this cover of "You Must Believe Me" comes from. These guys were surprisingly good. I surprisingly if you think that garage rock is automatically limited, which it's not. I love their drummer. The Count Five had a full, almost girth-y sound, but they could scoot.

Wasn't an amazing performance in the Monument yesterday--just the three circuits--but it was very hot and humid. Put the time in and you will get the results. That's really what my focus is right now. Everything I do is part of a series that is my life of trying to do the right thing. With all of the actions I undertake and the decisions I make. With each choice in every piece of writing. In my interactions. In these pages. I try to come up to the highest level.

Stairs are dedication-based. They are done the right way when you dedicate yourself to do them. I shouldn't be a such a self-tyrant considering the summer humidity. I felt a little stronger today, and I was just so wet that I cut out after the three. It's been a lot of days in a row of good stair running beginning with the 10,000 at City Hall last Saturday. That was fine stair running weather--gray, sixties. What this has been the last two days is not.

I exited the Monument looking like a river of sweat in human form, and as I walked past the line of tourists waiting to go up, a park ranger said, “Don’t be frightened, he does multiple laps.”

As I said the other day, people wanted to see their own mediocrity reflected in others. This is the driver of all human markets right now. It's what people want everywhere in their lives. Even in the Monument. When I am near the top and very out-of-shape people are coming down, what do you think they like to say to me? "You're almost there." They want us to be the same. Out of shape people struggling. We are not doing the same thing, is what I want to say. We never are.

I need to get this podcast thing figured out, but that's not going to happen until the site is up to date.

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