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Better man the barricades

Tuesday 1/15/19

Have had a blinding migraine all day. Had it while on Downtown. Here is the segment, though, on the Patriots and the baseball Hall of Fame.

And here are people who get paid millions of dollars to talk on the radio, plus a regular guest. You will notice that that guest basically cannot even manage a single sentence without tripping over his words, stammering, uttering an "um," "you know," what have you. You could make a drinking game out of it. Take a drink for each sentence he screws up. You'd be blotto in five minutes. He cannot make it clean through one sentence.

Who do you think is better? Not very close, is it? And all they can do is sports. If that. Not that.

As this headache is finally winding down, I will simply post in some of the recent sounds I've been returning to of late.

This is a A Certain Ratio. You've perhaps never heard of them. This is the last song from their 1981 album To Each...It's also where the Stone Roses got some of the idea for the instrumental portion of "I Am the Resurrection."

This is a rare Animals cut from the BBC. Chances are you've not heard it even if you're deeply into the Animals.

This is a strong Faces gig from 1971. I like when they started interpolating Rod Steward solo material like "Maggie May."

This is Terminator X. "While you talk bullshit/I roam hallways/Always/'Cause the class ain't necessary/Your culture cooks the books in the cemetery" pretty much sums up my thoughts on college.

This is the Ronettes covering the Shirelles on the Beatles' last tour.

This is a children's performing ensemble and choir covering Spiritualized "So Long You Pretty Things," which is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen or heard.

This is from an early 1970s record of Martin Luther King Jr.'s greatest speeches. How the man could orate. You will note that he trips over no words. "The tranquilizing drug of gradualism." He is bang on about how parlous it is.

This used to be up on the old site. It is a form of poetry, in my view.

This is Sam Cooke on TV in 1963. I will have Sam Cooke news to report here soon. Note the clap at the beginning. Just the one.

This is what I listen to here when things are really bad. Because this is what is going to happen, and sometimes I need to remind myself that inevitable isn't something that is out there, it is something you are. Or something I am, anyway. The song, of course, is about being denied that which is yours, and finding a way to get it, grab it, own it forever, anyway. It is also the most badass opening in the history of music, for my money. It is the very sound of that which is inevitable hunting down its--or his--quarry.


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