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Friday 1/19/24

Nice win by the Bruins last night against MacKinnon, Makar, and the Avalanche at the Garden. If I could pick a Stanley Cup match-up it'd be between these two teams.

The Celtics are at the halfway point of their season and are on pace for 64 wins, which is where they should be. Stacked team. Was looking at everyone's numbers yesterday. Robust. Derrick White: really nice year.

OSU hired Bill O'Brien to be their offensive coordinator. You're welcome to him. Enjoy that.

Paul McCartney's bass on "Can't Buy Me Love." The bass was lower in the mix at the time, and that's how it went in rock until the Who came along, then Cream, and Sgt. Pepper. Then you had San Francisco bands like the Airplane and the Dead, where the bass was a big deal. Listen to what McCartney is playing on that song, though. Chuggingly inventive.

Listened to the "Never Judge a Book By Its Cover" episode of The Amazing Mr. Malone and the "The Vagabond Murder" episode of The Black Book. Both were crime dramas, the former running from 1947 to 1951, the latter with just a handful of episodes in 1952. The Black Book featured Paul Frees and John Dehner, so it was in fine hands--or voice, if one prefers. Dehner was a huge figure in mid-century American dramatic radio, and Frees was a towering vocal talent.

Mailed my niece's birthday card. When you open it Winnie-the-Pooh gives you a hug.

Saw this on a dating profile:

"Sagittarius. If you know, you know."

What? That you're an idiot?

Also, this:

"I'm all about old school values. Not for me if you're into painting."

Another super smart one!

Not only is painting a value, but I guess it's some pretty new invention. Huh. Learn something new every day.

An endless parade of morons with virtually no exceptions, no relief, no "Oh, here's something, maybe."

A person with a very small amount of intelligence is now smarter than almost all of humanity. It really takes so little at this point. Also, anyone who ever actually thinks.

It's cold-ish, but it's also going to get into the upper 40s next week. Was 22 degrees when I ran stairs yesterday. This time of year you're doing okay when you get out there to run the stairs. Making sure you don't miss many days is probably the key thing given that it can be easy just to bag out. One sedentary day can become three, three can become five, and there goes most of the week.

I've noticed that even most people who work out outside--runners, mostly--aren't out there in January and February. I don't know if they head inside to a treadmill or they shut it down some. Probably the first thing.

I have these old glass bottles that once contained cranberry juice from Trader Joe's and I fill them with tea and coffee. I drink both hot and cold tea and coffee--hot much more often, but I like to have cold options available if it's like three in the morning and I don't feel like fiddling with and waiting on the coffee maker and getting right to it at the desk. Last night I brewed coffee, filled one of the bottles with that, and then boiled water and made iced green tea and iced hibiscus tea. Three tea bags per bottle.

Listened to some Grachan Moncur, read some Rousseau.

A text:

I love the endings of stories. The ending of "The Ghost and the Flame" is sick. I worked very hard on it to get it perfect. We're talking "Fitty" and "Bob" level of ending.

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