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Bruins in trouble

Friday 4/28/23

Having watched the first period of Game 6 of this Bruins-Panthers series, I now think the Panthers are more likely to win than the Bruins, for two reasons. Firstly: The Bruins seem to be incapable of stopping themselves from turning the puck over. It's like they're playing a game of hot potato--"Here, you take it!"--instead of a hockey game. Secondly: they're being outworked by a Panthers team that is playing with a greater level of intensity.

Hockey is about making good choices and getting into good habits, but it's also about passion and balls. Right now, the Bruins are treating the game of hockey like it's all about systems and addressing flaws--though not their chief flaw, apparently--and not about passion and balls at all.

If they don't get their heads out of their ass and start competing like the Panthers are competing, they're going to blow a 3-1 series lead and their season will be over on Sunday.

Why Connor Clifton is in this game, I don't know. And David Pastrnak: He gives you nothing if he isn't scoring goals. He's soft on the puck, he makes unforced errors, a summer breeze blows him down. His deficiencies don't show up as much in the regular season. The guy gets his two or three goals in a week and you live with that other stuff which doesn't hurt you the same way in the regular season as it does in the playoffs.

Lot to do this coming week, which starts tomorrow for me. Going to hold off getting into what I have been doing for now.

Yesterday I ran 4000 stairs, walked three miles, and did 100 push-ups. Today I ran 3000 stairs and did another 100 push-ups. Last couple of days I've done those push-ups in about ten minutes in three sets (40, 30, 30). Not a great week for exercising, and these last two days were just to get loose and get myself going again.

Guess I'll watch this second period now as I try to go to sleep so I can get after it early and bring my intensity.

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