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Tuesday 12/13/22

I had an interesting conversation with someone last night. I remarked to them that when people have their moment--when their time comes--that the moment is always circumscribed. It's highly limited and over quickly. No matter who it is, because all of these people have something in common.

The other day Dave Chappelle brought Elon Musk on stage in San Francisco at a concert, and Musk was booed. This was what got me thinking, these two, coming together like that. I was sort of surprised that Chapelle was out there on tour, though I shouldn't have been, because that's what he does, right?

You don't hear from him or about him, though. Last year was his time, if you follow me. Someone will say to me, "Your time will come," and I think it means something entirely different.

Chappelle was the number one story for a while last year. So when I read about this concert, I thought, "Why aren't you front and center ever day, with something brilliant and new?"

Think of what he could have done if he was capable of always producing something brilliant and new, because he had the visibility, he had the audience. He had the opportunity. I mean every day. Throughout a day. Think of the influence on culture, society, and the world he could have had. He wouldn't want that influence, to have that voice? I don't believe that. I think it's beyond his abilities. I think it's beyond everyone else's.

All anyone can do is one simple thing and it takes them a long time to be able to do that one single thing each time they do it. Chappelle was done in the sense of this idea of one having their time. It's all over for him and for everyone else as soon as they have their time. I don't mean their life ends, they stop making lots of money, they stop having specials on Netflix. You know what I mean--it was Chapelle's time last year in a way it never will be again. There's nothing else they can do, contribute. They don't have the range and they can't invent in volume. They can't always create something new. Even new ideas.

And there isn't anyone else who can. Constantly. Think about Chappelle--he says the same material every night. Took him a long time to write it. Then he flogs it into the ground. Same set-ups, same delivery, same punchlines, same cadences. He's done.

Look at Elon Musk. He is having his time now. And you know what? It's not that different from even like Charlie Sheen's time however many years ago. Remember that? The tiger blood thing. He was the biggest story in the world.

The difference between Sheen and Musk is that Sheen probably looks back at that time and thinks it was fun and he was lucky to get it, whereas Musk wants to be more, this shaper of the world, for reasons having to do with his obvious issues that go right back to his father, but he's not any different because he doesn't have that kind of ability. What's he good at? And you can say, "A car company" and "business" but what does that translate to for people? It just means, "This guy is really rich, but on the face of it, he doesn't appear any more talented than I am." He certainly doesn't have the ability to always create something new. To always create new ideas.

In two years, he'll be a pop and tech culture footnote even if he's overseeing Twitter still and posting, etc. What could he say that he isn't saying right now? The water can is already just about empty--you know what comes out of it with this guy. Anything else is more of the same. This is his time. Right now. Today. Until, when? Early next year? Tomorrow? Whatever the answer is, this is his time. And then it will be over. He won't be a constant. No one else is capable of being a constant.

But if you could do what I do, and invent constantly, throughout the day, always have something new, your time--when it came--would never be over. You could move in every single sphere and dominate it and offer things in every single sphere that no one else could.

If you do one thing and you're everywhere, people eventually move on because it's one thing. So the key is to always have something new. And to produce something new quickly, as if it took no effort. It was as doable for you as breathing. There has never been anyone like that in history. And that's exactly who I am. I prove that every week.

I said this to my friend, and he said, "Part of the reason that publishing is so committed in standing against you is because you are the biggest threat to these people. You expose them as the frauds they are. You are the foremost advocate for the causes they pretend to care about. Each and every one of those causes, you are the leading advocate. For writing and speaking about race. For feminism. Gay issues. You. This good-looking straight white guy in Boston who does everything else he does in addition to that. That's why they will do anything to lock you out and it is so apparent the threat they know you to be. That's why Jackson Howard did what he did at FSG. You put that up on the blog and there isn't anyone who isn't going to know what that was all about. You totally expose these people for what they are because of what you are."


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