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Wednesday 8/16/23

Re: "Try That in a Small Town": And what will happen?

That's how this works--it's a construction of implication. You complete the other half of what's a kind of equation.

Try it and you'll be reprimanded?

No. That's not what is being implied.

Try it and the law will be alerted and brought in?

Nope. Not that either.

The implication is that you'll be lynched.

Less prying eyes in a small town. Less chance of dissent. Pressures may be applied in a small town because it's harder to blend into the crowd. People fall in line. A small town is a rural town, so it's at some remove. A rural town is a town more likely to keep to the ways of its past--including a past of long ago.

What is the best case scenario of the implication? Getting beat up by a group? It's not people voicing objections, is it? Or yelling at someone? It's physical violence. Mob violence.

Small town mob violence suggests what? Lynching. What could anyone think it is if one thinks at all?

"Try that in a small town and we're going to sit down and hash out those issues, mister, and we are going to use the full force of logic against you."

It's not that, is it?

It's a lynching thing.

Cretinous tough guy talk is so tiresome. Modern country music is music to get drunk to in a parking lot. Lowest common denominator music with no artistic value.

Not that I think anyone should be "trying" those things anywhere.

But it's disingenuous to write or support a song of this nature and allege that the above isn't relevant and true and it's just some innocent, natural outflow of magnanimity and rectitude.

Hank Williams is much better. He was a poet. People should listen to him. He'll touch your soul.

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