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Dance routine

Wednesday 10/4/23

The phone rang a couple days ago, so I answered it, and as soon as I said hello, my three-year-old niece said, "Can I call you back on FaceTime?" She loves that FaceTime. I said yes as enthusiastically as I could and immediately she hung up. She'd told my mother last week, apropos of nothing, "I like Colin," to which my mother said that she knew she did.

This week she's wanted to show me her dancing routine, which apparently she does on a table. I keep getting videos from my mom of this dance routine--which is done to the accompaniment of the Beach Boys' "Be True to Your School"--at my niece's insistence, because she keeps trying to perfect said routine and wants me to see the latest new and improved version. She recently likened me to Sergei Diaghilev. I'm joking, obviously. But it does seem important to her to nail this routine (in her mind) and prove that she's done it.

My mom was telling me yesterday how Amelia has been pretending that she's playing with all of these people who aren't there. "She's really imaginative," she told me.

I'm not surprised. She is, as I've said, quirky, and she's definitely, to date, her own person. I like people who are their own person. Before I met Amelia, I had a pretty good idea that we were going to be buddies. The other kids are older so they're off doing their things more often than Amelia is, which is why I end up talking to her more. Well, that and she insists on it, and I'm always happy to talk to her.

With the boy, we end up talking about sports because that's what he's really into right now. With Lilah, the middle one, she's all about books and art and reading, so I talk to her about that. And Amelia is this little individualist, which just warms my heart. I know things change, or they can change. But right now I enjoy seeing her be her own person.


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