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Day trip to Providence

Saturday 12/1/18

Good to have a rare day away. Will come out harder this week and push harder and create many works to always last. Restorative to see my friend Howard. More on this man anon. He is a great person. I'm honored to know him.

Just a photo survey right now of some images of the day.

This is the beautiful restored ceiling in the ticket purchase area at South Station:

Reading material on the train, which passed through Mansfield, where I grew up. And perhaps where I was last happy. I could know so much happiness, more, I think, than maybe anyone has, when I cross out the other side of this daemonic forest. But as I looked out the window I saw woods that I used to explore as a boy. This also put me in mind of The Freeze Tag Sessions, my novel about a piano prodigy/genius, who would rather be anything but a genius, and how I must finis that. Several of the ghost stories were solid. Yesterday I hit upon the idea of doing a story where Padraig and Lorcan are ghosts. The goalie list induced some inner discussions. Most lists overrate Dominik Hasek. This one did less of that. But Bernie Parent #12? That seems high. He's five spots better than Tony Esposito? Carey Price should not be #27. Mike Vernon at #38 is a tendentious argument! I like Mike Liut at #47. Grant Fuhr at #13 works. Jaroslav Halak is (barely) on this list. Mike Palmateer--who always looked so cool and played such an entertaining style that would get you canned after a period these days--is #90. A reminder of how few truly great goalies there has been. Fuhr was my favorite to watch. But Tim Thomas (#35) was also compelling--aggressive, read the game almost like a "guess" hitter approaches a pitcher.

The production of A Christmas Carol that we saw was much, much better than the one I saw there in 2016. Ironically, two of the carols I mentioned earlier in the day--"I Saw Three Ships" and "The Holly and the Ivy"--were part of the production. Also, "Good King Wenceslas." That is, I think, the best short story carol, if you will.

This is the Industrial National Bank Building, one of my favorite architectural designs. H.P. Lovecraft featured it in some of his fiction, and it bears an uncanny resemblance to the building in which the Daily Planet is housed in the early Super Man comic books.

This is the Rhode Island State House. I'm not sure how I got this photo--as I look at it now it appears as if I braved life and limb to get this shot, or else got it and was then run over by a car.

And this is the trellis at Christopher Columbus Park just outside of the North End back in Boston.

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