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Each day

Monday 11/27/23

Began work this morning at 4, which for me means I'm fairly well-rested. Before that I took out the trash and did push-ups. A set before going out, a set upon coming back in, a set when back upstairs. And so forth--that's one way I do them. The weather is mild and it was misting, but such that you almost wouldn't know it unless you were looking at the light of a streetlamp and how it reveals said mist.

Even here in something worse than hell--which is what this situation is, my life as it is right now and has been for a long time--I view each day as an opportunity. It's a chance to do better than the day before. Or to do better than one ever has before. To have the ultimate day. Of creation, achievement. To be braver than ever. To do more of that which must be done than ever before. To create a day that one looks back on later and says, "Yes, I could pinpoint when things began to change. It was on this day in..."

And then having had that day, there's the challenge of the next day to better it, or at least build on it.

There are all kinds of ways I keep going. My strength is matchless, but part of that strength is in finding the ways to have it. You can't just count on it to be there. To grow. To keep you alive. No one could live through this. They wouldn't last a week. A weekend. But each day I get up well before the sun, and I realize that in a certain way, that particular day is an opportunity.

This is how I feel about every day. I can do better. I can try harder. I can be better. A new day keeps me honest with myself, which is not something I have a problem with regardless. But each day starts the clock again.


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