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Encapsulation of our age

Saturday 12/16/23

One of the dominant themes of our age, I'd say--perhaps the dominant theme--is the disavowal of reality. People try as hard as they can not to live in it. They try harder to do that than anything else. Look at so-called writers: all of those people trying much harder not to live in and deal with reality than they would ever try to get better at writing.

Aidan Maese-Czeroski, a legislative aide, filmed himself having sex in a Senate hearing room. That seems not so smart. I feel like there are degrees of this. Sex in government buildings is probably less wise than sex in a Starbucks bathroom. Not that I want to see two baristas coming out of one together as I've swung by to order a hot chocolate. But just career-wise. And public eye-wise.

So you're on the video. That's you. Hi. What's up? Then you're so far gone from reality, and so entitled, and really, just so dumb, that you then try for victim status while attempting to deny that your face is your face.

That's a tough defense, the whole "my face is not my face" thing. I knew a guy once who would go up to women in bars and say his friend really liked that woman, but he was shy, etc. This would go on for a little bit, and then he'd say, "My friend is me." Depressingly, this worked more than it didn't. Kind of made me think of him.

So this guy takes to LinkedIn to say that this has been a difficult time for him. Like someone else made it so for him and it's their fault. Everyone else's fault but this guy's. Then it's time to try the gay card. No one cares that you're gay. Some hillbilly with a name like Cletus, maybe. Perhaps just take responsibility for your actions? Nah. No one is going to do that.

" I have been attacked for who I love to pursue a political agenda." Syntax is awkward. I feel like someone with this job should be better at writing. And know how to spell "judgment." Maybe get things right if you're going to try a desperate move like this that won't work?

Then he alludes to questionable things he's done in the past, which were different. What the fuck were those if this isn't one of your greatest hits? And concludes with some vague legal threat, when he's not going to do anything, because he's busted and it's all true.

How about taking responsibility, apologizing, and making better choices moving forward? Maybe just do that instead? That seems pretty simple.


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