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Examples of the ass voice as pertaining to Orson Welles

Tuesday 12/28/21

I've written in these pages about what I call the ass voice. It's what most people speak with now. They open up their ass, and talk. Mouths don't matter. Minds are irrelevant. The ass is everything. People who speak with the ass voice hate and fear anyone who does not. Thankfully for them, that's virtually no one. What the ass voice enthusiast wishes to do is sound off like they know, like they are an expert. Further, an except--on everything--whose knowledge can't be questioned on anything. Everyone else plays along, because 1. They speak from the ass, too 2. They are waiting for their turn to ass-speak, and the more they shut up, the faster their turn will come. People just want their turn. The ass-speaker hates a real expert. If you are an actual expert, you'll be seen as the enemy, because you are, in the view of the ass-speaker, an enemy to their entire style of speech, manner of "knowledge," way of life.

All I encounter is evidence of the ass voice. I see no knowledge anywhere in society. It doesn't exist in print, in podcasts, in media, on social media. It's not out there. It has been wrung from our world. Knowledge is now extinct. Part of the reason--as knowledge incarnate--I am in my situation at present, and why I a feared, hated, ostracized.

I see evidence of the ass voice thousands of times a day, if I look online. There is no place you won't find it, no space safe from being overrun by the ass voice. All of these talking anuses. You can be a member of what would seem is a highly specialized FB group. One on English ghost stories of the Edwardian era, for instance, or nineteenth century baseball, or film noir. You will only encounter idiocy and the ass voice.

Good example here, to choose two random ones. I'll just put in the screenshots. These two ass-speakers are talking about Orson Welles. Not only is everything they say incorrect, you couldn't get much further from the truth. Orson Welles was a bore? Orson Welles was a lot of things. The least thing that he was was a bore. At any time in his life. The drunk thing? That's not true. It's based upon the infamous "drunken" commercial outtake, which as I've discussed on the radio, wasn't what it seemed to be at all. And I am sure this person never watched that clip, and probably has no knowledge of it. But they've heard a second-hand account of a 195th-hand account, and some vague words settled into their limited brain, and that became the truth to them. That's how simple and stupid most people are. And that this person is even trying to discuss Orson Welles means that this simple and stupid person is one of the smarter people. Which is terrifying.

Orson Welles was certainly shunned by Hollywood. They hated him. He was smarter than anyone there. He made radical art. He pushed the envelope. He was detested. And look at this moron: "Everything Orson Welles did after 1960 was just a paycheck for Welles. The Trial--just a paycheck. Chimes at Midnight--just a paycheck. The endless hustle--when most people would have given up--to gather funds so he could finance the work he believed in. No one steps forward to challenge any of this, and these two geniuses of cinema might as well be jerking each other off. That's the world now. You jerk off idiots, or you get shunned. And the brilliant thing? This guy has no clue. He's just saying something that he thinks he should say. That's all publishing is. When someone tells you a book that comes out right now is brilliant, they are lying to you. They don't believe it, they've never thought that. It's a "go to." Because it's their friend, their circle, the expectation, their job, their empty shell of an identity, whatever. No one believes that. They want someone to like them. They are insecure. They want their own shitty work taken by the shitty, meaningless venue. They think it will score them points with the community. Lies. Endless lies and bullshit. Because you could corner any one of these people, and say, "Tell me, specifically, what about that New Republic piece is brilliant? What about that novel is brilliant? Come on, spell it out. Tell me. Use your words. Walk me through it. What's brilliant?" You think this fool here could tell you what makes Orson Welles brilliant? You think he thinks that? He's never thought about that. He wouldn't have an answer for you. The difference being, with the Welles example, vs. the publishing the ones, is that Welles actually was brilliant.


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