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First official day of fall

Tuesday 9/22/20

A quite boring programming note, but maybe worth mentioning: Everything new, in terms of what comes out with pieces, and when there are links to radio interviews, gets mentioned in this blog and also updated on the News tab of the site.

The On-air and Op-ed sections are up to date. Everything else is not. Really not even close. I'm doing the best I can, doing a lot of things at once. In a better situation, I'd have someone else who handled all of this, but right now I'm spread pretty thin. Which doesn't impact the fecundity of my production, but the bulk of my focus goes to writing and trying to get money coming in. I'd like to take a weekend very soon and just sit there for forty hours and update the sections, which will never be fully updated anyway--there's just so much work that has ran, and I don't have links for a lot of it. And when I was hacked, someone threw away a lot of my old links, and I don't have the time right now trying to remember where 100 things ran and then attempt to round it all up.

But insofar as what comes out now, mention is made in at least two of the spots on this site. Also, on my Facebook author page, and usually on my Twitter. But if you read the blog and you check on the News section, you won't miss the new stuff. And when the sections are reasonably close to being properly updated, I'll post a note on here. I haven't touched the Film, Music, and Literature sections in more than a year, and the Short fiction section is particularly piecemeal. Sports is pretty close to what it should be. A lot of the Art pieces just don't have links anyway.


It's later now. Today I wrote a new short story, 1500 words long, about a deaf girl; I wrote 2500 words of one of the new books; walked five miles; and here I am on Downtown talking about three ghost stories and there's so much stuff to boot that, yeah, shoot me, I think is invaluable, insight into so many things--how to write well--that you won't see anywhere else. Hear anywhere else. I have to get something to eat--haven't eaten today--and drink some water, as I'm dehydrated and have just had coffee for like four days. I just pitched something about whisky.


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