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Generally reliable outward indicators of weakness

Tuesday 10/24/23

There are exceptions and contributing factors (age, health, debilitating life forces) which can moot most of the following, but I've found them to be largely accurate indications otherwise.

* Smoking

* Wine guzzling

* Soft chin

* Limp handshake

* Inability to look people in the eye

* A preponderance of cats

* Facebook filters in performative, insincere support of the latest latest

* Masks in general when not medically necessary or Halloween-related, but especially in deserted cities, woodland settings, and cars in which one is the sole occupant

* Wearing winter clothes in October at 57 degrees

* Indoor scarves at any time of the year

* The phrase "my mentor" as used by an adult

* Use--which is bound to be overuse--of the term "foodie"

* "ur" for "your" and the like

* Use of memes and gifs

* Opting for an initial or initials before one's first name or whatever actual name is first used

* Having spaces between words and commas where there shouldn't be any but that's how autofill did it; autofill people lead autofill lives

* Excessive talk about the past to the disregard of the now and the next

* Repeating whatever verbal nonsense is going around no matter how asinine it is ("checks notes," "tell me you don't know football without telling you don't know football")

* Standing on the escalator and riding it all the way up or down--whatever the case may be--without taking a single step

* Defensiveness

* Boasting--and it's always boasting (defense mechanism)--of how "brutally honest" one is

* The use of hashtags, but especially hashtags in a list; the more hashtags in succession--i.e., #livingmybestlife, #youcantstopme, #thesunstillshines, #yesIcan, #loveconquersall, etc.--the weaker the person


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