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Good Friday tip of the day

Friday 4/7/23

It's Good Friday. Find a way to rise above that which holds you back, both inside of you and out. Insist on the way. That there are ways. Believe in them and learn to believe more in yourself in believing in them. Locate those ways and be honest about what they entail, what they ask of you, and what you should ask of yourself. Be brave, and answer. Both inside and out.

That is my little prayer for this day that is not anything religious. It's just my prayer which is also my prayer for every day.

I keep thinking about these words by Lucinda Williams:

I just want to live the life I please

I don't want no enemies

I don't want nothing if I have to fake it

Never take nothing don't belong to me

Everything's paid for, nothing's free.

There are real truths there.

Locate, go, stand for, embody, be. Answer. Rise above.

That's what Good Friday is to me. It is the reminder that I am always providing myself because it is my intention and how I choose to live every day.


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