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Guns, lies, vaccines

Tuesday 1/9/24

Guns produce little good in this world and factor in so much suffering, and yet among the first things many people will tell you about themselves is something pro-gun.

When there are no standards, a morally low ceiling, and people don't think, and are poor at remembering or bringing anything to mind without an external prompt, lies become what get things done and result in advancement. The more a person lies and the more that lying does for them--with their career, their finances, popularity, attention--the more they do it. Saying a lie because much more the norm than stating a truth.

Yesterday I saw where someone quoted Joe Biden as remarking that he "started a civil rights movement." I don't trust anyone to get anything correct, so I played the video for myself, and sure enough, that's what he said. This is obviously a ludicrous and false statement, and yet, there it is. These things are barely mentioned. When they are, it's the same as if they were not, because lies are just everywhere. What are you going to focus on? What is going to become the big deal that is called out and dealt with? Virtually nothing. How does a good and honest person get anywhere right now? Even a simple good person who is mediocre in other ways, and thus positioned to benefit from parallelism?

Howard Stern was always a terrible person and is a terrible person now. The way he treated people is unlike little else we've ever seen in American popular culture. Then, when that would no longer work, he did adopt a different persona. He somehow got away with his past. Do people not remember his show? Can they not remember? Do we just forget everything? The way he treated women, minorities, the disabled...and it allowed him to amass a fortune.

Anyway, he went all in on the COVID stuff, so people on the right were mocking him because he got COVID, I guess, and missed doing his show last week. They get in the comments on Twitter--and they're no better--and jeer and taunt. It seems that very few people understand how vaccines work with COVID. We are that stupid. They don't stop you from getting it. It's not some magical shied. They don't stop you from spreading it. They reduce the effects. But that is too hard of a concept for people to understand. So many of these pro-vaccines people, and all of these anti-vaccines people, have no clue. They just say things. People just want to say whatever the fuck they want to say. They have no concern with its accuracy or the point of what saying what they're saying.


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