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Health and drink

Friday 10/27/23

I said to someone the other day that I was going to go on Google and type in, "Signs I'm an alcoholic," and see how I did. I know what I am, but I figured I would still look into this.

Apparently, you can't say alcoholic anymore. I don't know what the new term is, but I will stick with alcoholic, because I know what it means and people know what it means. The new official term is some abbreviation.

I read these questions and they didn't really apply to me. At least not too much. Some, sort of. But the reality is, for twenty years I drank more than most alcoholics. While not being one. But that's a terrible bottom line, obviously: all of that alcohol consumed. I still take measures now to try and offset what I did to myself. The lemons in the water? That's for my liver. (Or it started that way, anyway; I think I would have ended up doing it eventually, though, because it is good for you anyway and I like lemons.)

I should be in the clear and I got out in time, but I'm always cognizant of how bad that was. It went on for a long time. It wasn't mild drinking. It was heavy. It was to excess. In terms of amount, I mean. Not outward or behavioral impact.

There's an irony, too: the people in publishing who hate me so much, who discriminate against me constantly, were among the biggest reasons I stopped. Because if I didn't stop, I wouldn't get to where I'm going--I probably would have died--and these evil people would have won.

Anyway, Sunday marked 2660 days, or 380 weeks, without a drink.

I need to do much better on the fitness front as a whole. I'm not doing enough and it would also be better to eat better. Saturday I ran 5000 stairs and did 200 push-ups. Sunday I ran no stairs and walked ten miles and did 400 push-ups. Ran 3000 stairs and did 200 push-ups Monday and Tuesday, nothing Wednesday, then 3000 stairs and 100 push-ups yesterday and walked six miles. It's something, but it's just not enough.

My little niece is sick. She had to miss her Halloween parade at school that she was looking forward to and her ballet class so I feel bad for her. She's on antibiotics now so hopefully she feels a lot better today. My mom got her flu shot and didn't seem to have any ill effects, which she sometimes has, so that was good.


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