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Health tidbits

Monday 11/20/23

I've realized that I eat very little red meat. That seems like a good thing, I think. I try not to eat too much poultry either, because there seems to be a link between poultry and cancer.

What I probably eat the most is a simple cheese sandwich. Swiss cheese, which is the only cheese that's not high in salt and bad for you. Other cheeses kill. Which sounds dramatic, but you want to be careful with other cheeses. Plus, there are studies that cheese is actually addictive.

Having bought blueberry tea, I can say I'm not much into it and will only get it rarely, if at all, in the future. Having bought--and mis-ordered, so that I have a lot of the stuff--cranberry tea, I can vouch for its excellence. You cannot go wrong with anything cranberry, I'd say. Then again, I may also feel that way being from Cape Cod and a natural born lover of a good bog.

I am, I suspect, as un-foodie as you get.

My great grandfather would eat an onion for lunch. He'd just bite into it like an apple. It didn't bother him. I've always admired this, for some reason. Conceptually I'm fond of onions.

I put a lot of stock in what I drink. I'm very serious about what I imbibe. Almost all of it has a purpose. Even when it doesn't have a purpose--like when I allow myself a hot chocolate (skim milk, no whip)--it kind of does. Like when I've worked my ass off, or fought hard, or endured, I'll say, "Let's get a hot chocolate and get ready for tomorrow."

I hate to sleep. I just want to get through it as fast as possible and get up and fight and create. Do what I need to do to move forward. To me it's just something that has to be done. Perhaps later I'll feel differently, and will lie in a comfortable bed on a Saturday morning. But that time ain't right now.

Someone asked me if I ever miss drinking alcohol. No.

I may not be a foodie, but if you're Trader Joe's and you stick an image of a fox on the side of a package of tea and say it's the autumn blend and there are foliage-appropriate colors or you have a tea package depicting candy canes that you call Christmas tea or some such, I am all in. I will definitely be having that.

I detest food from the East. Is that bad? I won't be around someone who is eating it. I'll have to leave. It would sound like I'm joking, but if I am, it's ever so slightly.

I don't get to have it much in my present situation, but seafood is easily my favorite food. It's not close. Of course, I am a man of the sea, so probably no surprises here.

A couple of people have asked me if my arms ever hurt from the push-ups. No. I do a lot of them. Your body adjusts. I have callouses at the bottoms of my hands now.

I won't see anyone if I haven't run stairs and done my push-ups. I feel compromised. I won't even go to the dentist before I've done them.

I'm a fastidious flosser. I put much stock in flossing as well. Not flossing makes heart disease likelier, too.

I drink a lot of no-fat milk for my heart. No-fat milk is great for people who don't like regular milk, which I don't, and regular milk doesn't help your heart anyway. No-fat milk tastes like white water. I'm quite into it. It's one of my heart health liquid staples.

When I was drinking copiously, I always knew that I was going to stop. Because I would have to. I didn't wonder or doubt if I could.


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