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Husk culture

Wednesday 3/24/21

People invent problems they do not have so that they can avoid responsibility for everything they are not, blame others using their tools of actual racism and actual sexism, get attention, and make money without having to possess any ability or expend any effort.

That is the way of the world now.

It's the way of getting ahead, building a brand, having a platform, getting recognition, being provided for. And you don't have to be good at anything. That's the point. And you don't have to be a good person. It's far better if you're not. These are all but official prerequisites. And never answering to reality, but rather finding people who will help maintain the false narrative. This is the predication of their existence.

Many people are now wired this way. This is how community is built. It is easy, if one is this way, to find people and find support. To find people who agree with that person. Who will also never say the truth and deal in no truths. Who will tell the necessary lies. Who worship at the altar of the pose, whose true communion is that of enabling. The evil and the unstable and the broken and angry flock together, perpetuate this culture, this mode of commerce, and most people are immoral or unstable or slothful or completely lacking in self-awareness or without talent or, typically, a giant combo.

If someone is the opposite of these ways, they will be hated, feared, frozen out, avoided, attacked, but attacked in quiet, behind-the-scenes ways of the true coward. Their virtues will be punished with actual discrimination, envy, the anger that stews, people who hate read, hate listen, people who are obsessed, people who stalk, people who all but shake with violent emotion that that other person, who is everything they are not, even exists.

Within this community, these people are actually completely alone in a way that a healthy person, even alone on an island, is not alone. They are the most alone a person can be, because they don't even have themselves, because they have no true self, no real identity that is examined and developed. On one level they know this. And it destroys them from the inside out. Such that they are not human anymore. They are residuum. Husks. And you know what husks do? Husks hate. Because that is what a husk must do to live with itself. Which is not living.

But they are provided for. And right now, they run everything. And if you are not like them, if you are the opposite of them, it can be very hard to keep going, to locate any semblance of hope so that you might.

But the people in that other camp must press on. They must have faith. They must continue to grow. They are the solution. They are the ones who will take us the better way. They may lack for hope within these times, but they themselves are our only hope. They are the seeds. These others are but the discarded casings.


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