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Ibram X. Kendi: Racist profiteer and racism manufacturer

Thursday 1/4/24

Imbram X. Kendi owes his entire career and fortune to being a racist. That's what he does. He's a professional racist and con man. If there's a hell, and there's a hierarchy in hell, this is a lower-rung kind of guy. The only reason that someone like this has what they have right now is because of this diseased age, which is in the best interest of someone like this to keep as sick as possible, and the even more diseased publishing system. Because what else is he going to do? Have talent and earn things because of that talent and the work it generates and the appeal and value that work has?

Do you understand both how stupid you have to be, how dishonorable, and how much of an unalloyed racist you have to be--the kind of guy who wants there to be racism so he can profit as a racist because otherwise, if it ever came down to merit, he'd be screwed--to blame Claudine Gay leaving her post as Harvard president on racism as Kendi does here? It's the entire shebang of his act. It's what he does because it's all he can do. And it pays and rewards him.

Of course the Guggenheim people are going to hook this racist moron up. Of course the MacArthur people are going to give him a "genius grant" of a cool $625,000.

Ibram X. Kendi. He's a genius, don't you think? What a genius. That must be it. Couldn't be that he's a racist profiteer in a world that goes down and down and down.

How sick must you be in the soul to play along with any of this? To enable it?

Is it even possible to be this stupid? How would you become that dumb? Humans aren't naturally born this dumb. So how do you then get that warped?

You want to be, for starters. You go along with it. You facilitate the warping of your own brain. You destroy the very idea of character within yourself.

When you're an evil race grifter, and you perpetuate racism, that's skin color money in your bank account.

You know how we talk about blood money? Is skin color money better? Is this guy less of a racist than a slave trader? What is the ideological difference? Both want racism in the world. For their own personal profit.

Claudine Gay did not get her position as president of Harvard because of merit. She did not lose that position because of race. She's in her fifties, and has published less than an adjunct professor at whatever college you want to name. Any college. She's published less than a dozen scholarly articles and hasn't published a book.

And despite publishing so little--again, this is academic publishing--she has plagiarized a documented fifty times. Fifty instances of stealing someone else's work.

You should be made to struggle for the rest of your life to put food on your table if you plagiarize. It's so goddamn low. It's like being someone who throws games for your team in a professional league. You should be gone for good. See ya. This woman should never have some "intellectual" job again. (There's also the whole refusal to condemn hate speech against Jews in front of Congress thing, which I've also discussed on here.)

And yet Claudine Gay, about whom all of these things are easily verifiable as true, will collect close to a million dollars annually from Harvard going forward.

Hey, Guggenheim and MacArthur people: Do you folks have any shame? How loathsome do you need to be? How fake do your awards need to be? What is wrong with you? How do you live with yourselves? Your whole thing is just this sham. This lie. Complete and utter bullshit. None of this stuff is real. None of it is what it purports to be. And National Book Award winner. Because he's a brilliant writer.

Come the fuck on.

Ibram X. Kendi is a talentless, grifting skin profiteer. This is a sick, evil guy.

He's also exactly who would be hooked up in this current iteration of the world by publishing.

Genius. He's a genius. Right. I'm sure that's definitely what he is. Is Claudine Gay a genius?

Here is something true about Claudine Gay: She refused to do the work. She was either too lazy, or thought she didn't have to do the work to get what she wanted. She would have met little resistance. People weren't going to be standing in the way of that work. The skids were greased. But she refused to do the work. To make the effort.

Let's ask the most basic question. Two. Should you be able to plagiarize and be the president of Harvard? Say your answer is yes. Which is insane. How many times should you then be allowed to plagiarize before you shouldn't have the gig anymore?

What is the number? Sixty passes for plagiarism? 150? It's not fifty, obviously. What is the number? Because if there is a figure, it's a big old number of plagiarism passes. Should she be able to plagiarize a theoretical infinite amount of times?

That's your position? What cartoon character could even be that cartoonishly stupid? How could that seriously be your stance? And you're a genius? You're brilliant! What a mind you have!

Holy fuck--what has this world come to?

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