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Tuesday 9/19/23

Today I wrote three entries on here about hockey, football, and baseball. Worked on a 9400 word novelette. Wrote some very bad people who are about to be exposed in these pages for all they're worth. I shouldn't say that. They're not worth anything at all, and yet there's going to be a lot of exposing getting done. Worked on a Beatles book that is nearly 100,000 words in length (96K actually). Sent out various books, pitches, proposals. 3000 words' worth of letters. And wrote an opinion piece--that's a limiting term for something this good--on autumn which is for the ages. Do you know how difficult it is to do all of that in a day? Do you know how little these people in this incestuous, backwards publishing world do in their lives? No stairs today, no push-ups, just this. Didn't even go outside. Listened to a Duke Ellington album of solo pieces, duets, trios.


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