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In time, and soon

Saturday 4/15/23

Much work into the night from Thursday to Friday, then much work into the morning last night. Don't even want to try and spell out how much I've been doing in the specificity of those works, but I will in time, and soon.

The work crew in the street on account of the building that was razed was at it all night on Thursday. Heavy machinery at three in the AM. It's six weeks later. Men yelling up and down the street. I don't know how you could sleep. The building itself no longer exists. Yet this crew is there, the machinery is regularly going, but for some reason there was more activity and volume that night/early morning. I got up and wrote a hockey op-ed which likely won't run, then just kept going.

Mark Warren sent me a note via Facebook messenger that began "Hey, psycho." Will be putting up screenshots of that. A lot of true colors on display. Quite a few people have seen this already. As one will see, it speaks for itself. I can't fathom why someone would think it wise to send that to me, making themselves look like that and showing everyone what they really are. Useful, anyway.

Editor wrote me something about Carlton Fisk. Responded thusly:

Greetings, my friend! Glad to hear from you. Sorry for the awful delay. I've spent the last two weeks with my head down writing and only looking up to run stairs (which actually involves a lot of looking down, come to think of it). Just sent that Fisk essay back to someone, actually, so it can make its first foray into the world (it's also going in a book).

I've seen Fisk's first game as a member of the Chisox--a term, like Bosox, which used to be common, but one never encounters now--a number of times. Had it saved on VHS from a rebroadcast, and it's in my baseball folder on YouTube. He wasn't very good in 1981--or 1982, before placing third for MVP in 1983--but I recall how he used to crush the Red Sox. It was clearly personal. I felt the same way when Mark Messier skated against the Soviets.

My dad would speak about how Fisk crushed the Red Sox, too. So the article you shared definitely resonated. I was saying the other day on the radio, if you're a right-handed low ball hitter at Fenway, with something of an uppercut swing, you'll yank your share of balls over that Monster. That was Fisk. The Game 6 home run in the 1975 series was down by the knees.

We never really know athletes. Or most people. Even the ones we think we know. Or ought to. But people often think they know athletes because of social media. How readily they come into their homes without coming into their homes. I've not thought that much in my life. Sometimes, as with Curt Schilling, I'd rather not know what he's about, now that I do know. I'd rather just be able to watch the occasional repeat of the 2004 ALCS and not see this guy who thinks he's much smarter than he actually is.

But Fisk I felt I did know in a way. I think New England has something to do with it. The core values of the place, even as they've eroded over time, like the Old Man in the Mountain you mentioned once. Standing for things. That was my sense of Fisk. He was someone who stood for things. "Quiet" things, like doing the right thing. I don't know, of course. It's just my impression and what I've pieced together from what I've heard, read, watched, which has been a lot.

I didn't know until a couple weeks ago what number he first wore with the Sox when he came up in 1969. Weird trajectory to his early career. Couple games in 1969, nothing in 1970, some time in 1971, Rookie of the Year and MVP contender in 1972. He was #40 in 1969. Dwight Evans was also #40 at one point. Who knew, right? Well, now we do!

I've been embroiled in work stuff tonight, but I did just see that those Bruins beat Montreal to cap off the regular season. It gets real now, doesn't it? There aren't even really upsets anymore in the NHL playoffs. Not that there's parity. But so many teams can beat so many other teams. And that's before we get into the hot goalie thing. I think there are at least six teams that can make a real run at the Bruins. But I am also confident. I hope it works out. Whereas, I'm ready to say that the Red Sox are done.

Thanks again for sending. I appreciate it, and I'm sorry again about the tardy response.



Got the News section up to date. Hundreds of links are still missing everywhere else, pretty much, save the On air section. But it's however many links it is--500 or whatever--that need to go into the Literature writings, Film Writings, Music writings, and Short fiction sections. I never have the time but it must be made.

Didn't even get out to exercise yesterday. Quick fitness log: Walked twelve miles on Saturday, walked nine miles on Sunday and ran 5000 stairs and did 500 push-ups; ran 4000 stairs and did 100 push-ups on Monday; then 3000 and 100 on Tuesday, 4000 and 100 on Wednesday, then on Thursday did 100 push-ups, walked three miles, did three circuits in the Monument.

Watched Tarkovsky's Stalker.

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