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Making the Beatles: The Art, Entertainment, and Music that Shaped the World's Most Important Band

Friday 3/17/23

Having recently mentioned one Beatles book that I'll be doing, I also remarked that there was another that I'll be doing as well, both of which in some ways I'm doing now, given that once I know I will be doing something, I'm working on it and towards it. Later on I'll do a round-up on here of the various nonfiction books and some of the fiction books, as much for my purposes--treating those entries like pages in a notebook--as anything. Someone could look at it and say, "I'd like to have that one, please, want to talk terms?"

So here is that afore-referenced other book. The title summarizes this one aptly, I think. A lot goes into making art, including what you've experienced earlier in your life. It doesn't have to be that way with everyone, but it was that way with the Beatles. I'll be exploring that art and entertainment and looking at it on its own terms. Seeing what it was, where it came from, who made it, what it had going for it, what the appeal was.

The Beatles had so much wonderfully imaginative work on all sides of them--which they took full advantage of--during both the years of their childhood and throughout their time together, and that informed who they were as people, as artists, in how they looked at and approached the world, how they were with each other.

I'll be making the connections between that work and where an interest in it, and a love for it, paid out in the Beatles' own work. And I'll do with this with books, radio programs, television shows, films, and, of course, music.

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